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Electronic security systems offer a sensible supplement to mechanical security systems because they can reduce a series of additional risks beyond the break-in. For the risk areas in residential buildings, flats and rooms with use that is similar to residential use, a Gefahrenwarnanlage [Danger Warning System] (GWA, burglary alarm system) is conceived which includes the detection of dangers such as burglary, disturbances and fire–all in one system. Danger warning systems serve primarily to warn the owner and the affected persons as well as to scare off perpetrators. Moreover, they also can trigger a remote alarm to an assistance-providing agency and can be equipped with functions for a personal assistance call.

There is a Burglary Every 2 Minutes in Germany!

In cooperation with the client, we analyse the security needs and the concrete requirements for the burglar alarm system. Based upon the requirements, we plan, install, support and maintain the systems. Because we are manufacturer-neutral, we recommend the components which will best meet the client’s requests and the valid statutory directives.