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Emergency Call and Service Control Centre

The Emergency Call and Service Control Centre and the linked Intervention Centres are manned and available to you 24 h per day, 365 days per year. In the Emergency Call and Service Control Centres, qualified and specially-trained technical personnel monitor the incoming notifications from a wide array of alarm systems and control the personnel deployment. Here, all messages of any type are collected and processed based upon the designated measures.

Intervention Centres are Manned 24 H per Day, 365 Days per Year!

Together with you, we will, in cooperation with our partners, design technical solutions and formulate a harmonious security concept. This is the basic requirement for subsequent activation and monitoring in our Emergency Call and Service Control Centre. Our systems process all VdS-compliant transfer protocols and the most common transfer protocols that have not been certified by the VdS. Quite regardless of which transfer method you choose, whether it is analog, ISDN, GSM or TCP/IP, our control centre system will be able to receive and process the entire range of notifications. A measures plan that has been agreed with you will be the guarantee for our correct and effective action if an event occurs. Thus, we protect both private and business property as well as persons and technology.

Modern video-monitoring systems are becoming more and more important in a wide array of areas in the security industry. Thus, these days, fast transmission methods enable the deployment of video-monitoring technology coupled with other security techniques or services to produce more effective protection. The Emergency and Service Control Centre is already able to handle many different video signals. However, we would also be glad to go down new paths with you. Reliable monitoring and highly-qualified employees are indispensable in this case for professional alarm management. Video intervention !!!

By activating an emergency call service or another service, we will offer you the opportunity of being there for your clients or employees at all times. Quite regardless of in what industry and for which group of persons you work, if you want to set up a telephone service which will be personally manned 24 h per day, 365 days per year, we have the solution.

The qualified employees will answer all incoming calls, document them and undertake the measures that have been agreed with you. Based upon the agreed measures plan, the Emergency Call and Service Control Centre will notify the assistance-providing authorities (police, fire brigade, rescue service), the contact persons you have designated or dispatch an intervention worker to the property in order to determine the cause of the alarm. After the contractual agreement is concluded, for the targeted and effective deployment of intervention personnel, we will work together with you on-site to draft an intervention plan. This intervention plan will include information about the local conditions, document the assignment of keys, note the scope and servicing of the technical security systems and state the type of intervention. If an intervention is undertaken, all services rendered will be exactly depicted and logged by the Emergency Call and Service Control Centre.