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Various, technically-advanced possibilities are available for discreet security for outdoor areas and external grounds. They extend from ground detection to detection via electromagnetic waves to light barrier systems with the infrared securing of even large grounds with complicated layouts, public rooms and outside facilities.

Careful Planning of Outdoor Monitoring Systems for Gapless Protection!

For securing outdoor grounds by means of electromagnetic waves, areas requiring protection are permanently monitored with the aid of transmitters and receivers. The sensitivity of the waves can be adjusted to the respective local conditions. Through the multi-channel capabilities, a reciprocal influencing of the systems is prevented so that gapless protection can be ensured for even outdoor grounds with complicated layouts. Supplemental light barriers and light grids are a cost-effective option for the comprehensive securing of entrances and outdoor areas. If the electromagnetic waves or infrared beam grids are penetrated, it will trigger the alarm. A precise local perimeter of the respective weak points enables the optimal and discreet protection of the respective outdoor areas. The systems used are particularly well-suited for comprehensively and discreetly securing large public rooms or the outdoor grounds of building complexes. The various field security systems can be combined with each other in this case so that gapless protection can be ensured.

  • Radar Outdoor Grounds Security

  • high and gapless range thanks to radar.

  • Infrared Security

  • Securing a Solar Facility with Infrared Technology

Outdoor grounds monitoring systems should be carefully planned in order to avoid bad investments. Initially, it is necessary to evaluate the security requirements based upon the threat situation. Additional determining factors are the grounds topography, thus the condition of the outdoor grounds to be secured and the surrounding areas situation as well as the integration of any existing security systems and building automation systems. The expert advice provided by SECTEX’s specialists will help to conceive and implement optimal security systems – including from the combining of various systems such as ground and fence detectors, microwave and radar monitoring as well as light barriers. SECTEX will support you during the designing of your security concept. We will assume responsibility for the planning, construction and installation of your field security systems and the electronic controlling and evaluation systems.