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In the security area, a whole series of effective protective measures and protective procedures must be deployed. In an emergency, it is of critical importance to quickly evacuate the corresponding building or grounds as well as to introduce suitable counter-measures in order to rescue human lives and material assets.

WinGuard An Independent, Manufacturer-Neutral Security and Building Management System!

A centralised security management platform which is linked to fire alarm systems and other building, security and communications management systems offers a comprehensive solution: WinGuard, as an independent, manufacturer-neutral security and building management system, transforms the complex task of ensuring company security into a process which is easy to master, efficient and controllable.


The independent security and building management platform WinGuard is the ideal solution – not just for ensuring security within a building, a facility or outdoor grounds – but rather also includes building control technology and communications systems, e.g. heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems or temperature monitoring as well as the installed communication infrastructure and IT.

With expanded hot stand-by strategies and location servers which can be utilised together with the WinGuard software, the user can rely at all times on the system’s high availability.

• Comprehensible user interface in which all occurring events are displayed

• Self-explanatory measures and guided work processes

• A standardised platform which supports the user with pre-defined suitable measures in order to quickly solve
  the situation

• For the preservation of evidence, it is easily possible to subsequently track all measures that have been
  introduced thanks to the comprehensive reporting functions

• Open, modular system structure (from the single-station system to a comprehensive network solution)

• WinGuard can be expanded upon a step-by-step basis by additional work stations, interfaces or functional

• Cost controlling and process optimisation through a wide array of statistical evaluation options Adjusted to
  the specific conditions on-site, WinGuard is utilised everywhere where a high degree of security is