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A Hearty Welcome to SECTEX GmbH Deutsche Sicherheitsgesellschaft

SECTEX GmbH Deutsche Sicherheitsgesellschaft. Since September 2014, this name has united the competence of more than 33 years of experience in security technology and many competent employees.

Extensive Know-How and More than 33 Years of Experience!

The cornerstone was laid by the Unternehmen SECTEX GmbH Deutsche Sicherheitsgesellschaft Company through the merger of the Jankowski Gefahrenmeldeanlagen [Danger Alarm Systems] Company and the Berlin Division of the Draht & Schutz Company (formerly Fuhrmann Sicherheit [Security]). In September 2014, Steffen Bluhm, the founder of SECTEX GmbH Deutsche Sicherheitsgesellschaft, acquired both of these company divisions. Through the merger of both these companies, a power security technology company was created with an abundance of experience and comprehensive know-how. The company has outstandingly-trained and motivated employees and all required certifications. Thus, we are able to fulfill all of our clients’ requirements professionally and promptly.

Our product portfolio includes the entire range of electronic security technology. Beginning with the planning and installation of burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems, video-monitoring, access-controlling solutions, outdoor grounds monitoring and the forwarding of all danger alarms to the Emergency Call and Service Control Centre.

  • Branch Offices

  • From our branches in Stahnsdorf, Berlin Westend and Berlin Friedrichshain, we serve our clients in Berlin/Brandenburg. Our mission is to serve our clients at all times reliably and quickly–particularly in the areas of service/maintenance.

  • Qualified Specialised Personnel

  • As an accredited training company, we offer young committed persons the opportunity to develop a long-term successful career in the security technology market which has been continuously growing for years. We support our trainees even after they have successfully completed their training–including through numerous qualifications and advanced training classes extending to even university studies.

We Have Had Success in the Market for Many Years!


We consider ourselves to be a system integrator for security technology and offer our clients security solutions ranging from the professional standard solution to the complex solution that is integrated into the business processes. This includes both the technical solution, all services and naturally also the integration of our Emergency Call and Service Control Centre.

Executive Management

  • Steffen Bluhm - Managing Director


Steffen Bluhm has successfully worked for more than 23 years in the security and communications technology markets and has comprehensive certifications in this sector. As a trained Communications Engineer, he has installed and maintained systems himself until he subsequently moved over to the Sales Division and then later to executive management. In so doing, he has been able to acquire his comprehensive experience both at medium-sized companies as well as also at international groups.